Patio Paving

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Paving Driveways Dublin is the company to call if you need a trained and expert patio company in Dublin to install or repair your patio.


Paving Driveways Dublin are Patio contractors in Dublin. We offer a variety of patio services, including installation and repair of many types of patios.

Request a free estimate for everything from natural stone to patios to paved patio spaces and custom-tailored garden sections at your Dublin property.

Choosing a patio can be a difficult task. The sorts of patios, their design, and the general function of the patio, as well as the size of the area, must all be considered.


Paving Driveways Dublin offers over 30 years of experience assisting customers in selecting the appropriate patios for their Dublin homes. Check out some of our customer reviews to see what they have to say.

Our work is continually evaluated to ensure that it meets the highest standards that are expected of us.

We can give you with samples of various natural and manmade products to assist you choose the correct finish for your patio to help you choose the right patio for you.

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All of our patio installations come with a 5-year warranty, and the flagstones or slabbing, depending on your preference, will be covered by a long-term manufacturer warranty as well.

Every one of our patios in Dublin is custom-built to meet the needs of the customer. During our free consultation, we will present you with a variety of patio design ideas and solutions.

If you reside in Dublin and want a patio installed at your home, give Paving Driveways Dublin a call for a free, no-obligation quote. All of the work is overseen and managed by us. At no point is a third party engaged.

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