Gravel Driveways

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Paving Driveways Dublin is the company to call if you’re looking for a qualified and professional gravel driveway company in Dublin that can install gravel driveways at a reasonable price.


Paving Driveways Dublin installs gravel driveways in Dublin that are both inexpensive and of high quality. To provide our customers with the widest range of gravel stone colors, we exclusively source the highest quality gravel stones.

From ordinary gravel driveways to gravel flower beds, gravel drainage areas, and gravel paths, we are professionals at planning and building gravel roads to suit any outdoor location.


Gravel driveways may be laid in a short amount of time, cost less than pavement (great savings on bigger areas), are permeable, so surface water is never an issue, and can last for many years if properly maintained.

We strongly advise you to choose shingle or gravel as a low-cost alternative for your driveway or patio area. Gravel installation, including material costs, is substantially less expensive, especially on big areas such as open drives.

The size and color of the gravel might vary greatly. We can give samples so you can get a sense of what color and stone size would be best for your property.

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When done correctly, it will improve the appearance of any home. You can use it in conjunction with paving blocks or as a constraint with a paving border.

We provide an alternative where you can gravel the driveway and directly in front of the house, and we can insert a good paving section to break the gravel area and give a clean and smooth entrance to the house.

If you reside in Dublin and would like a gravel driveway installed, give Paving Driveways Dublin a call for a free, no-obligation quote. All of the work is overseen and managed by us. At no point is a third party engaged.

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